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I don't think they were overrated, I just think most of them underestimated the difficulty transitioning from Pride to the UFC. Going from no elbows to elbows allowed, from knees on the ground to no knees on the ground, from stomping a downed opponent to not being able to, etc...

The cardio issue with the majority of Pride fighters is what confused me. They were used to fighting a 10 minute first round and I thought their cardio would be as good or better than UFC fighters.

Of course the game plan for a 10 minute round and a five minute round is another issue that could affect the Pride fighters, not to mention getting used to an Octagon instead of a ring and the referees' predisposition to standing fighters up much sooner in the UFC.

We'll see how they adjust as they go on. I think Shogun is going to get killed by Liddell, he's never seemed to figure out how to work on cardio and he'll gas in the first few minutes. If I were Liddell I'd make Shogun defend takedowns for the entire first round, then take him apart standing in the second.

How's that for an extended way to say that I don't think they're overrated, just having trouble adjusting?
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