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Originally Posted by Bonnie
It is a business and shouldn't be run on the basis of friendships, however, it would piss me off if he ever disrespected Matt. Matt's been very loyal and ready to step in (UFC 85 when Chuck got hurt and the TUF shows) when Dana has called and asked him. I don't think in a couple of those incidences that Dana had Matt's best interests in mind either, but rather, how he was going to make the "card" work. IMHO
I'm Glad someone sees it my way...and before you all said its just business, how about THIS for business

if you dont breach your contract, they shouldnt be able to sack you, and if they are too vocal and mean to you, then they are liable for Slander.

Now If he wants to oust Liddell its simple, pay him less, drop him down the card, dont renew his contract, fire him if he fails thrice.

what you DONT do is go to the public and say words to the effect of "he's shyte, passed it, and if he's crappy at the next event I want rid of him" a true business man is PROFESSIONAL...and Dana White IS NOT
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