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Originally Posted by Straight Right
Didn't know that Silva's contract status at the time of the buy-out had anything to do with it. The fact remains he is a former Pride fighter that has done pretty well in the UFC.

As for thread integrity, I wasn't the one that brought up Pride, but yeah we should be talking about Dana and Chuck.

Personally, I think the younger fighters have caught up with Chuck and he has lost a step. I like him but think he is unfortunately past his prime and going to keep "getting caught" if he stays around. Dana is right, he is a legend and doesn't need to stay around if he isn't on top of his game.
Semantics. I consider Anderson Silva a fighter that fought in Pride, not a Pride fighter......but it's all in how it's worded. I agree though, Anderson Silva has done terrific in the UFC.

I wasn't aiming the thread integrity comment @ you, it was a blanket statement......and the integrity was lost a while ago, which was the reason behind starting the poll.

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