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Originally Posted by billwilliams70
Anderson Silva had only five fights in Pride prior to coming to the UFC, his last two fights (prior to the UFC) were Cage Rage fights. To the best of my knowledge Anderson Silva's contract was not one of the ones that was purchased when Zuffa bought out Pride, because he was signed in April of '06 and Zuffa bought Pride in March of '07, nearly a year later.

So much for thread integrity.


Didn't know that Silva's contract status at the time of the buy-out had anything to do with it. The fact remains he is a former Pride fighter that has done pretty well in the UFC.

As for thread integrity, I wasn't the one that brought up Pride, but yeah we should be talking about Dana and Chuck.

Personally, I think the younger fighters have caught up with Chuck and he has lost a step. I like him but think he is unfortunately past his prime and going to keep "getting caught" if he stays around. Dana is right, he is a legend and doesn't need to stay around if he isn't on top of his game.
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