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Originally Posted by billwilliams70
Yeah. I was really thinking that Pride had the superior fighters, but it really seems otherwise.

There isn't a single Pride fighter in the UFC now that has made the impact that anyone thought they would. I think that Rampage has had the most success out of all of them, correct me if I'm wrong.

i loved pride, but i always thought they were on par with ufc guys ... rampage is the most successful from them, but even he lost to a TUF guy (so we know some TUF guys were underrated cuz of their being on the show) ...

but i think shogun takes this .. sure he looked horrible in his last fight, but he gassed .... getting taken down by a natural HW over and over will gas anyone .. he gassed against forrest cuz he was taken down over and over again .. chuck isn't going to take him down and is gonna look for the KO, so this is gonna be a good fight, i am thinking shogun is gonna win
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