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Originally Posted by Moose
I probably won't remember him much at all, to be honest.
I gotta say..

That's pretty "F'ed" up way to say you didn't care for a HUGE man in the sport you love...

You may not remember "Mask"... But I bet you will remember these names....

Matt Hughes
Chuck Liddell
Rich Franklin
Jeremy Horn
Diego Sanchez
Sean Sherk
Stephen Bonnar
Nate Marquart
and ..

AND many many many more names.. of fighters you like/love/hate....

All had money put in their pockets by TapouT...

"From a gross of $30,000 in 1999, TapouT's earnings rose to $100 million in 2008. The company has a worldwide network of licensed retailers, including Dillard's and Champs.[2]

In 2007, TapouT launched a reality television series, also called TapouT, on Versus. Each episode follows Mask, Punkass and their third partner, "Skyskrape", as they scout fighters to add to their sponsorship roster."

Nah.. no real reason to remember Mask at all....

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