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Originally Posted by Twinsmama
I have never even seen snow. You guys should post some pictures. I know you hate it but it's neat for me to see since I haven't ever seen it in real life. I went to Georgia hunting w/ my family about 2 years ago and it was about 40 degrees. That was way to cold for me. My husband and my dad went last year and this year by themselves. I'll stay in Florida. My dad said it was about 10 this time when they were up there and he hasn't warmed up yet! Yes we have Florida skin!!

When it gets so cold do you guys just have to sit in the house or can you still do things outside. We are always outside playing on the swingset and my husband working on one of his trucks. I don't think I could deal with the snow.
I actually hail from the sauna that is the swampland of eastern NC, where it's usually bt 50-65 in the winter and I saw snow once.

Nowadays, I'm in central VA, and the mountains 20 mi away have about 6 in of snow now, but it never really snows much in the valley where i live. The mtns suck out most of the moisture. They aren't too high tho, about 2000-4000 feet around here.

I actually hate being inside, so i'll brave the elements and get outside, i have my lucky hat! Staying inside sucks.
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