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Jason 16
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try putting chart on your bed room door and mark down your weight when you wake up and before you go to bed and at the top of it have a list of what your going to do for each day like. run 3.5 miles lift for about 45 min-60 6 rounds on a heavy bag a bunch of live rolling and end it with plyos and an ab work out. and stick with the work out that you choose.If you see that your loseing weight keep with it if you level out ad more to it. like an extra half mile and 10 more mins of roleing. If Its for water weight there is a formula that my coach had for how to get rid of water and how much to gain back so you still feel good enough to train but you close enough to sweat out to make weight. umm some kids tryed not drinking for an extream amout of time to make there 24 pound cut from 64 to 40
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