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does it sound like they are racing?
Kirby is accused of speeding alongside
losing control of his car due to his unsafe speed, and crashing into Lewis’ vehicle.
.13 is definitely something that will help prove the the driver was impaired. I hope they really did a good job on the procedural stuff when going with a DUI. There are so many technicalities that a half ass lawyer has been trained to bring up. They mention the BA level being .13 after two hours after the crash. Well, I hope they have different laws because in some states they have up to two hours to do a proper BA test.

If he was injured from a wreck, it is usually better, and safer for court, if you order an actual blood test to determine alcohol levels. Those results are usually harder to dispute as long as the proper chain of evidence is well documented.

Another problem they can run into is that no one on the prosecution side can actually testify under oath that they saw this guy driving. That's another technical biggie under DUI laws. What makes it worse, is that no one even saw him in control of the vehicle. This assumes he hasn't confessed, or that the passenger doesn't cut a deal and testify against him. These are all just things I've come across in court at one time or another that have proven difficult when you are dealing with 12 other people with their own minds and agendas.
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