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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke
I think Sherk is pretty close, but he has to remember that Penn was crisp with him because Sherk really only has one tool and that is to take you down and try and out wrestle you and GnP for 5 rounds ... Penn didn't have to worry about taking strikes from his short legs and arms, so he just sat in the pocket and pumelled him for 3 (i am pretty sure it went all three) rounds ... GSP said that he didn't think Penn's striking was as good as it was, and he was thrown for a loop when Penn started connecting .. he adjusted and was able to win the second and third round ... The question is going to be how can GSP adapt from the get go .. we have seen him adapt in all his fights, so if he can escape an explosive start from BJ, he should be able to win .. He has a perfect record if a fight goes past the first round so we shall see if that remains the same after this fight .. i think GSP wins by TKO ref stoppage in the 4th or 5th ..
Don't sell Sherk short on his striking game. He has pretty underrated boxing. Even with the reach difference he poses a decent threat.
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