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Chris Camozzi vs. Bruno Santos

Round 1:
Mario Yamasaki is the third man. Santos the righty and Camozzi the southpaw. They are both trying to gauge the other right now, but Camozzi is a bit more the aggressor early. He comes in with an overhand right, and retaliating, Santos throws one himself. That might have grazed Camozzi; he smiled and stuck his tongue out. Patty-cake at center, both with his strong arm coiled. Push kick from Camozzi, and he comes forward and lands a nice left right down the boulevard on Santos that rocked him. Right after the sequence, Santos grabs Camozzi and ties him up on fence. They stay there for 15 seconds before Camozzi is able to roll out. Again, Santos pushes forward, and leans his weight into Camozzi on fence, trying to take him down. So far Camozzi won't budge. Santos trying for a trip, yet Camozzi shucks him off. He's fending, while Yamasaki looks on. Rounds going to end in that tussle on fence, with Santos trying to throw Camozzi and yet the Colorado fighter not moving.

Round 2:
Santos blew out some contents of his nose in front of press row, and we're back at it. Camozzi keeping his right hand out to maintain distance, but Santos ain't having it. He moves in, drops levels just as Camozzi throws a knee and finally dumps Camozzi to the canvas. Now Santos is in Camozzi's guard. Very little space so far, as the fighters pivot. Still, Santos is staying busy. He's landing shots from the guard, and Camozzi is trying to answer with upswung elbows. Yamasaki is lurking over the action. Now Santos moves into side control, and has Camozzi in some trouble here. Looked like he might be fishing out a D'arce, but Camozzi recovers back to half-guard. Again, Santos trying to pass, but now he's in Camozzi's full guard, back to where we started. He once again advances to side control and is using his frame. Camozzi able to stand up in that moment, and the crowd lets out a roar...but right back down they go. Santos staying busy, and Camozzi frustrated on canvas as round ends.

Round 3:
Santos has a small cut, it appears, from the elbows Camozzi was throwing from the ground. Back at it. Big thudding shot from Santos to Camozzi's body, but he just shakes his head. It's Camozzi still trying to initiate here. He comes in with a nice left, but eats a counter for his effort. A couple of decent jabs from Camozzi, but he's paying attention not to get taken down. Santos shoots in and gets Camozzi on the fence, lifts him up and as he's slamming him Camozzi grabs top of fence. He's warned, but now he's on his back again. Santos working to improve position, and Camozzi threatens a kimura. Now he uses that leverage to scoot to his butt. He can't get all the way up, though. Santos keeps him defending on fence. Finally Camozzi back up, and crowd lets out a roar. Big shots on both sides, and as Camozzi comes in with a knee he gets dumped down again. That knee has gotten him into trouble with Santos, who is outmuscling Camozzi. This fight will end with Camozzi on his back, trying to land from bottom.

UFC 175 official results: Bruno Santos def. Chris Camozzi via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
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