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Luke Zachrich vs. Guilherme Vasconcelos

Round 1:
Mario Yamasaki is the referee. He makes the heart shape with his hands, and here we go. Zachrich didn't want to touch gloves. Good combo from Zachrich, as the fighters gauge each other. Zachrich keeping the center, and finally Vasconcelos comes in with a kick. No good, misses. Good combo again from Zachrich up top, second one landed flush. A lot of one-two's from the Columbus native Zachrich; right now Vasconcelos tentative. Counter there from Vasconcelos lands, and that forces Zachrich back. Zachrich continuing to move, coming in with one-twos and peeling around. Nice exchange there, as Vasconcelos again slammed a nice counter right home. Vasconcelos shaking his head in agreement and smiling after a little sally from Zachrich. There's some redness on his face. Nice set of left jabs there from Zachrich, each one of them landing. He's showing his boxing skills; no sooner do I write that and Vasconcelos lands a high kick that put a little disbelief on Zachrich's face. First round in the books.

Round 2:
Back at it, and Vasconcelos this time to center. High kick lands from the Brazilian, and Zachrich counters with a low kick. Brief exchange along fence and Vasconcelos came over top with a left hand that lands. Overhand right from the circling Vasconcelos lands, and Zachrich rolls out. He lands a short left which makes Vasconcelos off-balance, and he hits the floor for moment before bouncing back up. Zachrich continuing to strafe from range with that jab, and it's finding a home. Nice short right to the body from Zachrich, could hear the hollow from press row. Didn't seem to affect Vasconcelos too much, though. Zachrich plants as Vasconcelos comes forward and rips off a nice combination standing in the pocket. Zachrich the crisper fighter on the feet thus far. But right there Vasconcelos wins an exchange with a flurry to the head. A little blood trickling from Zachrich's eye, as the crowd stirs to life a little bit. Body kick from Vasconcelos as the round ends, but Zachrich caught it.

Round 3:
Final round underway. Crowd let's up an encouragement cheer. It's Vasconcelos charging forward, and left clubs Zachrich with a right to the body. Vasconcelos comes in for a takedown, but Zachrich pretty easily brushes him aside. A strong shot there momentarily drops Vasconcelos, but he stands right back up smiling. Again, Zachrich with a jab to hook combo, this time with a leg kick at the end. Vasconcelos standing in, though, and lands a straight right hand. Both guys are getting their offense in quick bursts. Vasconcelos seems to be surveying a little bit, trying to set up a big shot. A bird call comes in from the stands.Heavy left hand from Zachrich, who is changing levels. Good movement for most of the fight from Zachrich. While bobbing in weaving that time Vasconcelos hones in on him with an uppercut; that was effective. And now he initiates with a combo and lands the uppercut clean again. Headkick by Vasconcelos is blocked, but there's a sense of urgency at the end here from the Brazilian. Might be too little too late.

UFC 175 official results: Luke Zachrich def. Guilherme Vasconcelos via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)
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