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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
Have you been talking to my sisters! They've told me I watch too much news.

I agree with some of what you've said there, but no way do I feel that we're safer under President Obama, us or the rest of the world, or that we are more respected now. And yeah, the right do seem to keep shooting themselves in the foot.
your sisters are smart!

i honestly don't think it is healthy to back one party blindly, and i haven't been paying a lot of attention to some of the news lately .... do i think obama is doing a great job? no .. i think he can be doing a better job ... but i think he is doing a good job ... it is tough to gauge how he will be seen historically .. i think in 8-10 years or so, he will be seen as an upper middle of the pack pres ... but realistically he is more mid-middle of the pack ...
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