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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
He didn't have to do this prisoner exchange to get Bergdahl back; they've reported that this particular group of the Haqqani Network holding Bergdahl originally requested money that they didn't ask for a prisoner exchange. RNC, this wasn't about getting Bergdahl back, he just happened to be a "useful tool" for Obama, the excuse used to release these five. The President's own words in Brussels, yesterday, June 5, "We saw an opportunity, and we seized it..." Obama wants to close GITMO, the Bergdahl swap served his purpose towards that end. If Obama was so concerned about not leaving a man behind, he would have sent special forces in a long time ago instead of waiting five years; they knew where he was being held.

Obama has shown over and over again who he really cares about, and what he really thinks of America. Something him and Bowe Bergdahl appear to have in common.
change the channel, put down the remote and step away from the TV .. you are watching waaaaay too much fox news ...

obama has done more for the security of the US than bush and clinton combined ... he has actually shown that the US is willing to use more than just force to fix a problem and has gained respect throughout the world .. sure, there are some nuts (cough putin cough) who think they can push the US now, but i think obama did a great job with his sanctions on russia on the ukraine thing than anything else would have done ... israel is safer too imo ... sorry, but the far right movement is killing the republican's chances of ever having a chance ... in fact, the far right movement stance on capital punishment, gay marriage, gun ownership make them closely resemble third world islamic nations and other nations who have poor human rights issues .. which is actually quite funny when you think about it ..
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