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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
it was a good trade off .. obama basically cut off the head of the snake by killing bin laden ... sure aq will re-build, but its not like these genius' they let go will move things along well for them ...
Five high-level Taliban for a deserter. Those guys were handpicked for release by the Taliban for a reason. That's another thing that makes this even more astounding, not only are we now making deals with terrorists, we're letting them dictate the terms. Our President just gave terrorists even more incentive to kidnap Americans. He's put a bounty on the heads of every American within reach. And now, he's talking about releasing another one. He wants to close GITMO before his time is up. That time can't come soon enough!

After a year, these five will be allowed to return to Afghanistan, if they aren't already there yet. Who do you think their target will be? If they kill any Americans, THAT will be Obama's legacy.

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