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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post

I am a little puzzled by whats going on in the US concerning a missing in action military person who then turned up as a hostage...and how the US have actually agreed to release five terrorists in return for him.

Do we assume that Barack Obama would approve of Nigeria releasing Boko Haram Prisoners in order to reclaim the hostage school girls....?
It's astounding and very troubling that these five high-level Taliban leaders associated to Al Qaeda would be released like this and without the 30-day notice to Congress. The question begs, why now, why was this rammed thru as it was? Some say it was for political reasons, to get the VA scandal thrown off the front pages, and it very well could be the case. They are reporting that the Pentagon knew early on that Bergdahl did desert his post, and that special forces knew where he was being held, but the Pentagon didn't want to risk any more American lives in a rescue operation, or any aftermath, for a deserter. At least six people had already died looking for him, two from Bergdahl's own platoon.

Bergdahl's fellow soldiers are saying he deliberately walked away and deserted his post. They are very upset that he would be touted as a hero and POW "captured on the battlefield" as the Obama administration had Susan Rice put out on the Sunday shows when they know the true story of how he deserted them and that their brothers were killed looking for him. I also found it disturbing to see Bergdahl's father displayed like a Taliban with beard and clothing, speaking the language, at press conference(s), and I heard he "thanked Allah"...very disturbing. I understand his parents' joy in his return but what about the men who died looking for him and their parents' loss and grief, made even more difficult knowing their sons died for someone who deserted his post.

On one of the programs I watch an inside source very close in the administration was quoted as saying President Obama knows he's not going to accomplish his goals at this point, and the public's approval doesn't matter anymore so he's going to do what HE wants to do. I thought that's what he's been doing, damn Congress, damn the Constitution, damn the law. He and his whole administration have been flouting the law pretty consistently from the get-go of him being sworn in to Office so this is just one more unlawful act to add to the growing pile.

Any other President would most probably have been brought up on impeachment before now, but that's never going to happen with this President, no matter what he does and he knows it. In their partisanship, our Congress, the representatives of the people, have failed us miserably and to our detriment by allowing a president to act so unilaterally, as well as the Justice Dept. I don't know who is the bigger threat to us right now, terrorists, or these self-involved bloodsuckers known as our President and Congress who seem to have forgotten the oaths they took to preserve, protect, defend and support the Constitution of the United States of America.

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