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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
bonnie, i love ya .. but the american people will speak ... if the voters didn't want certain things from obama, they wouldn't have voted him back for a second term. and come 2016, if they have had enough, there will be a republican president ... if not .. it will be good old hilary or joey b .. we shall see ... its the job of the right wing media to blow things out of proportion to their watchers to make it look like obama is doing a bad job ...
After these last two elections, it won't surprise me if Hillary is voted in in 2016. As for the media, both sides are guilty of "slanting", but it would be refreshing to see the main stream media actually REPORT the news instead of acting as an appendage of the White House in order to protect the President. Why do you think the main stream media has gone to such lengths to actually NOT report the news with this particular President, RNC? Do you think Barack Obama should be "untouchable" just because he's our first black President? If Hillary Clinton gets elected, should she be untouchable because she's our first woman President? It will be interesting to see if the liberal main stream media continues this with her. It won't be surprising if they do, but it will be very telling if they don't.
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