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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post

Bonnie, in England, we are talking about in these kinds of elections LESS then 50% of those who can vote, actually voting...and most do it for exactly your reason above...they believe that all the parties are 1) as dumb as each other 2) pretty much the same despite their pre-election promises...and they may be right

In Ancient Rome, only those who were effectively trained in politics could vote...I really think that votes should be compulsory...coz I always say that you shouldn't complain if you haven't voted, because even if your vote makes no difference, it means you have asserted your opinion and therefore allowed to comment on the outcome.

I was talking, just today, to an American colleague at work called Patti about these sorts of things. She told me that if the Federal Union decide to impose a nation wide rule and a State has a problem, then often the Federal Union will withdraw its support in other areas, particularly financially, which reminded me of something that Nathan told me once, that he knew of a State which had done that, and so the Federation decided not to spend money on maintaining all their roads, and they were all crumbled and potholed We should be under no illusion that, frankly, what we have in both our countries, is still a dictator at heart. It may not be a single person...but it will have its own agenda, which has nothing to do with anything except preservation and expansion...and if you don't do what they say, they will hold you hostage in some way. Most are largely benign, short lived dictatorships...but they are nevertheless elected dictators...once they are in you have no control over them until the next election...and if you want to be realllllly cynical, you can question...particularly in the United States how the difficult way of elections can make things so complicated with electoral colleges that, you wouldnt spot a case of fraud if it was done in plain sight

How do we really know that our democratic societies are anything but a smokescreen....coz you have to be nuts to trust any of them!

What we should do is all work together to get Bonnie into the White House, and myself into Downing Street...THEN our Two Great Nations would really see a "special relationship" and real "change"
Yeah, our vote only seems to matter when getting these yahoos elected, once they're in office they only seem to work for their best interests, not ours, not our country's. I agree, if you want to gripe and b***h, then vote...I do vote.

I know RNC thinks I'm hard on President Obama, but I'm truly basing my comments on his actions, what he's saying and doing, many of those actions have been a 180 to what candidate Obama said he would be and do if elected. I understand they all make promises while running that they aren't going to be able to keep in reality, but this has to be some kind of record. No way to deny it when there are endless video clips of candidate Obama saying one thing, and now President Obama saying and doing the exact opposite. I think most Presidents probably push up against the boundary of their executive power at some point, but I don't think I have ever seen such blatant disregard by a President for our laws and Constitution as I have seen with this President. To use his power and the power of other government agencies like the Justice Department and IRS (the most feared government agency for it's reach/power that can literally destroy a citizen's life) to go after individual states and citizens in order to punish them, it's just beyond anything I've ever seen a President and his administration be able to get away with. As a citizen, that's frightening. Also very upsetting and disturbing, I never thought I'd see the day when a U.S. President would fail to give the orders to send help to Americans under attack. It's been one royal f-up after another with this administration, too many, and after each one our President gets on tv and tells us he just found out about it when we did, from the news.

Even if I didn't vote for him, I'd at least like to have confidence in him as our Commander in Chief, and general respect for him as our President...but....

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