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Why is Duane Ludwig leaving Alpha Male

I think that TJ Dillashaw is the person to out impress when it comes to possibilities for Fighter of The Year 2014

You know I do like Renan Barao, and I desperately wanted him to win the championship proper when they ousted Cruz because he had held it as interim for so long he deserved it in his own right...but beyond that which he did, I didnt really have any preference beyond thinking that Renan would probably win because TJ Dillashaw bearly sparks up on anyone's register. That has to be considered a meteoric rise...but I don't know how long I think he will be able to hold it for.

Robbie Lawler had a good showing, and he really needed that as well, its vital for him to remain at contender ship level...and at least this fight keeps him on the map for a possible championship rematch
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