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We had two elections today...the local ellections for the Council...those would be akin I suppose to any State Government ellections you guys might make...and the European Ellections...of which there is I suppose no American comparison.

In the local ellections we had several parties, the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and Labour...but then we also had The Green Party, and the United Kingdom Independence Party... I voted for them, because they are strict on welfare and on immigration.

The European Parliamentary Ellections dont matter to many coz we dont have control over that parliament. UKIP has dominated it...but I already voted UKIP...soooo I went even further to the Right and voted for the English Democrats...I suppose you might like to think of them as the half way mark between the United Kingdom Independence Party, and the British National Party...the latter is a fascist I wished upon Europe the furthest Right I could go without being Fascist...and the reason is that during this term we will get the referendum on remaining in the Union.

If we vote to remove ourselves from Europe, we will pull out of the parliament, and so the English Democrats will be removed that way....if, GOD help us...we decided to remain in Europe, then for the future survival of the community, Ms Merkel would have to begin to push not just for financial union but for full political union...thus a United States of Europe effectively.

In that event, damn right I want those that represent me to be equally radical...because that is the only way we can ensure that she doesnt stomp all over us!

So there is method in the madness...but it felt naughty voting for something I knew was, potentially, a little bit too far right to condone completely
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