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Default British Government Closes for 19 days

Alright people, so we have a Coalition Government, its made up of the Conservative Party (The British Centre-Right) and the Liberal Democrats (Centrist) This is about to enter the last year of its fixed next year is Campaign year.

Obviously, each summer the British Government go on Holiday...its called "Recess" and basically the Government doesn't sit during this time. Now the Queens Speech is written as a statement of intention by the Government on the proposed legislature during the next year.

So here is the plan...the two parties cant agree on anything and claim, they basically have nothing left to debate until the new stuff comes out of the Queens Speech....soooooo...why not give them an extra 19 days off?

Then they come back for the speech...spend a week or two debating the speech, and then they go on holiday until the Fall

ONLY the British Government could possibly do this...How can one possibly run out of things to debate???

and you thought YOUR Government was bad
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