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Originally Posted by Vizion View Post
Typical liberal bias seen through the strategy in the media. Find as many like-minded fighters and quote them - this way it seems the majority support. Then, get a heel like Jon Jones to be non-conformist and a fading star in Nog to represent "out with the old/in with the new".

Satan is very clever.
It wasn't the fighters they got to endorse such a proposal that I took much interest in. I am sure they probably only asked people they already knew wouldn't care

But you cant use the same logic on the company stand point itself....I would NOT have thought that the Exec of the UFC would be openly supporting ANY homosexual awareness programmes...Obviously nothing militant...but even Safe Sex is a difficult issue...especially, when some of the more radical right wingers would say that the whole point of homosexual related disease is a kind of moral punishment...a Consequence of, no doubt...but they do imply much further that in fact the diseases are divine retribution for abomination.

So that the UFC would openly support a campaign to raise awareness is a position that it did not have to take...whether it believed the statement above or not...most companies simply wouldn't dare get involved period...and certainly no Christian/Moral/Religious company is going to want to appear associated....after all, its about ones reputation, more then ones conviction I tend to find

Besides...I can promise you that there ARE already homosexuals in MMA, and homosexuals in the UFC...and more likely then not, they are probably practicing as well. There is, in a sense, no need to be "open" about it, if it doesn't directly relate, they almost certainly just say nothing. Its not only statistical in terms of demographics, but Firstly, there are entire fetish groupings on the homosexual scene surrounding combat sports, and secondly I certainly have my suspicions over more then a few of those on the roster...can I be certain...nope...but I aint usually wrong lol

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