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Originally Posted by CAVEMAN1 View Post
Wow, this thread got derailed. Back to the original issue, gay rights activists will not stop until they have taken away any and all rights of those who disagree with their lifestyle. They no doubt have an agenda to destroy the rights of others as well as destroy the institution of marriage. If you don't believe it, click the link below to hear one of their own state these very claims.
"one of their own"

I think there are two different groupings in this...there is what is known as "the scene" which is what you might see on the streets of some of your cities at certain points of the year...These are often heavily associated with something known as "The Pride" movement...which is not to be confused with some of the fetish clubs which also meet...The difference between the two is that the latter exists for members, and caters only for whilst they might appear in public its unlikely anyone not involved would ever come across them...The former are a militant group who parade, deliberately, and publicly through the streets, flaunting themselves, and trying to attract the attention of heterosexuals...they only exist to try and assert some kind of dominance over everyone else. They do this because they have been bullied by moralists that should know better...YOU don't change people by condemning them...all you do is make them bitter, angry and dangerous...The churches are primarily responsible for the Pride movement...its a counter culture...a response to people like YOU. In effect, what you see is a reflection of what you have created by not bringing the love of GOD to those who desperately need it...but rather, have acted cruelly towards, have scorned, and have made them feel sub-human by your holier then thou attitude.

You may want to remember that, since you feel so strongly about it...that this is a monster of your own making.

In the same way, there are those who would quietly campaign for equality, usually not because they want to destroy marriage...but because they want the law to be applied to them as if they were married...which matters, mostly, when one of the pair die...those are not likely to be the ones that make all the noise though.

The final section simply don't care, they don't care about your moral views on them, and they don't care about marriage, be it heterosexual or otherwise
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