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So this is the infamous Introit, I Was Glad, based on Psalm 122, performed in The Cathedral Church of Westminster the write up the order of Procession is given, and You'll note two things...firstly, the absence of both His Grace, The Lord Bishop of London, and Primate of The Northern Province, Ebor is also missing...this is unusual considering that this a Service of Thanksgiving for the 60th Anniversary of The Queens coronation...but perhaps they tagged onto the end of an earlier procession. Secondly, notice that in the Liturgical Order, the later you come, the more important you are, notice that the Archbishop of Canterbury is FIRST in the procession, and the entire dean, chapter, and everyone else, including effectively lay canons, are put behind him. This is because the position of a Bishop, no matter how High his Status, is relative to the place he is attending...Now the Abbey does not have a Bishop, instead, effectively, because it is a Royal Pecculiar, HM The Queen is in place of the Bishop as Defender of The Faith...the Chapter and Dean are then effectively taking the place of any diocesian Bishop...In St Pauls, for Example, The Bishop of London Trumps the Archbishop of Canterbury inside the Cathedral...because, it is His Cathedral...anywhere else in the whole world, the roles are switched.

As the procession takes off, note the quandary of the poor Deans Virger...First, he has to directly speak to the Royals, to get Prince Charles to move ahead of the Queen...and then the Dean continue to walk back through the procession to speak to The Queen and the Virger, litterally pulls him, physically to the front before setting off.

The final funny moment is when as they are walking away, The Duke notices some poor cleric stood all on his todd, most likely a member of visiting clergy, or possibly an unwanted chaplain...and the Duke tries to invite the member of Clergy into the procession at his Level. Unbelievable.
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