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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
Probably because America usually works out its civil rights issues publicly for the whole world to see; so we make ourselves an easy target. It's like being in a room full of alcoholics, but only one guy is willing to admit that he has a problem with alcohol and so he gets constantly criticized by the other alcoholics, even though they all have the exact same drinking problem.
You only have yourselves to blame for that one.

If I could write a book called "Sins of America" this would be the preface. Try to understand...I am not "anti-american" but I AM Anti the Federal Union...because as far as im concerned, that is NOT what America is supposed to be. Hopefully, some of you will aggree with me on that one. George Washington was under the Crown for a long time, and his thoughts on the ideal of America, and the American Constitution pretty much went out of the window with Abraham the Union gets larger, its corruption filters down into some major private companies, because of a mutual capitalistic benefit, which is now completely without the basis in the CHRISTIAN work ethic. Combined, they have led America, during its days as a Super-power Circa 1945-2020 estimated end to have made so most grave errors. I want to distinguish here between Americans as the Populas of people...and America as a Big Government that has forced these sins upon its own people by virtue of ignoring the good, for the gains of corruption. However, it also appears to me that many americans outside of the political system have grown up in a Lincolnian world, and need to be educated about how the Government they believe is essentially most definately not, and thus I would write it to the American people and not to the Federal Government, in the hope that exposing what the Government, and by default, the people who believe in that Government have become, they may see it for what it is, and be motivated to change their views. I also place the mantle of International Law above Constitutional law, since it was primarily created by the Americans as a law to govern inter-state discourse outside of the Union. Analysis of how some of Americas issues have been caused by following the Constitution AGAINST international law are tricky subjects, and I have not gone into detail...but where these two do collide I usually provide some method of absolution via detailed discussion (but that wouldnt be in a preface now would it )

Preface, a word to the American Populas who holds as sacred the Federal Government of the United States of the American Republics, since the conclusion of the American Civil War, and focussing on the years in which Continental America has been classified as a Super-Power

America is the powerhouse that she is because she claimed neutrality until directly threatened during the second world war. In which, she aided her allied forces who lost a hell of a lot more then she did...and then had the nerve to ask them to financially recompense her with interest!

Try to understand that all the other major world powers, except, maybe you could argue the Russians (but lets be was only the elite few in Russia) had ANYTHING left.

Because your country REFUSED to fight for Freedom and Tollerance, because your country REFUSED to do the correct thing, Because your country REFUSED to help its friends, the rest of the world suffered.

England basically lost its entire Empire due to the inaction of America...and before you blame your wasnt the President who was against was your Congress...the SAME institution that will politically point score against itself at the expense of many of its workers, as prooved when it shuts down, like it did last Fall.

The difference between America and the rest of the intollerant world is that generally, we do not pretend to be something that we are not. Our systems are flawed and we know it...but the United States believes in itself far, far too much

Do you realize that had the Americans actually joined in the War when Hitler began marching across Europe, potentially the War could have been over before the main damage to England and France was done...Imagine...would you ever forgive us if we chose to stay silent whilst Chicago or New York were completely, and I dont just mean a single building, like the World Trade Centre...I mean the whole, whole of Manhatten, and the surrounding suberbs were smushed beyond recognition in a SIXTY DAY continuous air bombardment...would the Americans ever forgive us?? What about the Jews...? Have you considered the fact that had the United States joined the campaign earlier millions might have been saved from the concentration camps...because if the end of the war shows is that once the Americans finally decided to bother helping the rest of the world, it was over quickly and decisively...imagine a world where some of these concentration camps hadnt even finished being built by the time the lands were under American/British/Russian rule.

Who is responsible for the European Union being headed by Germany...? Ask yourself how the two time loooser of the two biggest wars last century is leading Europe by the might not be suprised to discover...its due to the Americans once again...the reason Germany is so rich is because it was rebuilt and reinvested in the most by the Americans after the war...Angela Merkel runs a larger Germanic Utopia in practise then Hitler dreamed in principle...and we havent marked the Centenary of Adolfs attempt yet.

Finally...consider the news of the last decade...the early point, dominated by a War which was unsanctioned, arguably did as much harm as good, and distroyed the foundation of the institution that America set up to stop any country acting like the Nazi Regieme...that is to say, invasion because they want to invade. America did that aswell...or we could perhaps consider what occured in the later part of the decade...where because America doesnt keep an eye on her own corrupt capitalistic had an American Bank practically distroy the banking system of the entire western world in less then a week...and still half the americans, were saying to hell with the rest of the world, stop a Government bail out.

You wonder why you've been a super-power for less then a century and you're about to be eclipsed by the a few years time you wont be airing your laundry so much because you wont be in the position you are now in. Your own President cant even manage to stick to the constitution...and still he gets ellected for a second term in office...why? coz he can speak...that is all he can do...that is how far you have fallen from the 1770s

There is only one country who has used weapons of mass destruction against another country, and in so doing, destroyed two entire cities full of civilians (so we're told at a lesser cost then the value of life for any other way of beating Japan...but I'm not sure the resident of Hiroshima would take any comfort in that)

So before you get all self righteous and chant the usual blah about America being sooo much better then everyone else...consider swallowing the pomposity of all your patriotic pride, and admitting that as far as the last 70 years goes...Americas record is as tarnished as almost anywhere else on the planet (except maybe Cambodia) and consider that the reason you are in full view of the world, is because your country sat on her hands until she was the only one left...the way you became a super-power is the best testimony for how your country has abandoned its constitution, and ceased to anything like the Washingtonian Vision of the 1770s...its a good job he's not here now...he would probably be heart broken...and if you do have to blame one man, personally...blame President Lincoln...coz thats where your country effectively abandoned the constitution by prioritizing the Union ahead of it....Washington put Ethos ahead of Government...Lincoln put Government ahead of Ethos, what he did is missed by most Americans...its why they effectively class him as a Martyre, that, and no doubt the teachings of the Government who are eternally grateful to the man for effectively giving them free reign over you all.

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