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This comes to you live from Rome

Bonnie, if you havent already, you can view the photographs on my facebook page, and the videos in the Romani Aeterna Tour thread on this forum which should answer your questions, but in brief, I had four days in Rome, one of which I spent in the Vatican City state, One day I spent doing the Roman Areas like the palatine hill, the forums, the imperial forums, the colosseum, the pantheon, one day looking at piazzas and parks, like villa borghesa, popolo, navona, cavour, and a nice night river walk along the tibor at trastevere, and one day trying to cover the roman churches including the archbasilica san giovvani in laterino and basilica santa maria maggiore

Ben, and Bonnie, dont worry about the was a lovely day, I was rushed off my feet...and I know you love me everyday not just my birthday
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