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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
Yeah, Lizzie is well on her way to becoming a sociopath. It will be interesting to see where they take her characterů. as long as they keep her far away from Judith.

They never really explained the exact circumstances of how Carol appeared. We just see Lizzie trying to smother Judith, cuts away to Tyrese, then suddenly Carol is there holding Judith. Kind of makes me wonder what happened in between. Is Carol aware of what Lizzie tried to do?

Either way, I'm just glad Carol is back.
I had no idea that they were going to take Lizzie that far that quickly.

Anyways, I think Carol did the right thing.

Poor Mika.

Also, I'm glad Carol confessed to Tyrese and he was strong enough to forgive her. Although, I wonder how he would have reacted to her confession if Carol had told him before Lizzie went off the rails.

Only two episodes left this season.
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