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Kevin Gastelum vs. Rick Story

Round 1:
Jacob Montalvo is the referee for tonight's prelim headliner. Story wades inside but can't connect. Story slips a punch and connects on a hard counter. Gastelum pumps his jab hard and blood is already trickling from below Story's left eye. Story pops him with his jab. Story catches Gastelum with a nasty combination. Gastelum answers with a front kick that wobbles Story. Gastelum storms forward and unleashes a salvo. Story just trying to survive. Gastelum finally settles in side control. Story tries to creep out the back door, and after nearly giving up his back, he does so successfully. Story looking much worse for wear than Gastelum after that exchange. Gastelum cracks Story again, and again. Gastelum kicks low.

Round 2:
Story wades forward and lands a flurry. Gastelum continues to push forward. Story backs him up with another hard shot. One-two misses from Gastelum, who then kicks low. Wild left misses from Story. Another low kick from Gastelum. Story eats a hard one-two and tries to fire back. Story works the body. Gastelum pumps his jab at the insistence of a loud Luke Barnatt, who's in the crowd. Gastelum just slips a looping hook and unloads. Big right hand has Story on the defensive. Gastelum starting to feel it now. Story pumps his jab to settle things down. Gastelum misses a hook but connects his follow-up low kick. Story blasts Gastelum and now they're swinging! Huge shot drops Gastelum! Flash knockdown but he's back to his senses. Story continuing to pour it on. Wow, what a wild finish! There's the horn.

Round 3:
Huge swell of applause meets these two as they touch gloves for the final round. Gastelum looks like he's slowed a bit while Story's moving like he's fresh as a daisy. Hard right hand cracks Story. And another, and another. Story changes levels and shoots inside for a double. He transitions to a single, but can't get it. Gastelum overpowers Story against the fence. Gastelum pumps his jab and gets Story on his heels. Blast double from Gastelum and now he has Story's back. Story sweeps into top position. That was tremendous. Gastelum gives up his back. Story hunting hard for a rear-naked choke. Gastelum pries away Story's arm but Story is relentless. Gastelum sweeps into top position! We're back to our feet with 30 seconds to go. Gastelum throwing everything he has into these shots. Story shakes off a double leg attempt. Monstrous exchange here! This is a firefight! What a fight!

Kelvin Gastleum def. Rick Story via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)

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