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Raquel Pennington vs. Jessica Andrade

Round 1:
Referee Don Turnage oversees the action. Pennington pumps her jab. Andrade answers by lunging forward with a flurry. Pennington ties up with a front headlock but her back is against the fence. Pennington digs in her underhook but the crowd is already growing restless. Pennington reverses, but quickly gets reversed back. Andrade with a slick trip into half guard. Pennington scrambles and climbs to her feet, but Andrade trips her once again into half guard. Andrade traps Pennington's right wrist for a keylock. Pennington kicks her away, but Andrade wades back inside and connects on a short shot. Pennington throws up her legs for an armbar! It has a chance. Andrade breaks free, scrambles and hunts for a guillotine.

Round 2:
Andrade stalking forward early. Pennington closes the gap and connects on a few knees from inside the clinch. Andrade reverses and puts Pennington's back against the fence. Pennington breaks free and connects on a stiff one-two. Andrade takes it instantly to the mat. For a moment Andrade looked like she was about to slam Pennington down Rampage-style, but Pennington slickly crept to her feet. Andrade unloads a salvo along the fence. Pennington gets the Thai clinch and fires back. Two-punch combination lands for Pennington. Andrade hunts down Pennington and unleashes a flurry that staggers Pennington. Andrade continues to connect with hard shots. Pennington is completely on the defensive. Another flurry from Andrade. The crowd swells, sensing a finish may be near. Pennington grasps for a desperation standing guillotine. Oh man, she might have it. Pennington cranks hard. For a second it looked like Andrade tapped but now she's out. Too fast to tell. There's the end of the round.

Round 3:
Andrade comes out like a woman on fire. Pennington survives the assaults and remains patient. Andrade continues to stalk. Big exchange against the fence and now Pennington is holding Andrade close with a Thai clinch. Andrade breaks free and unloads another salvo. Pennington fires back but can't connect. Andrade lands cleanly with a right. Andrade lunges into another flurry, then eats a left. Andrade closes the distance against the fence, eats a knee, then drops down for a single. Pennington defends and now they're swinging. Pennington starting to connect with knees from the clinch. Pennington cracks Andrade with a crisp right. And another. Andrade counters with a big flurry. Pennington seizes Andrade's back and drags her to the canvas, then starts raining down blows. Furious pace here. Andrade gets back to her feet but eats a monstrous combo at the horn.

Jessica Andrade def. Raquel Pennington via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
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