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Dennis Bermudez vs. Jimy Hettes

Round 1:
Kerry Hatley is our referee. Hettes ties up but Bermudez reverses against the fence. Bermudez briefly gets a trip but Hettes rockets to his feet. Bermudez closes the distance again but Hettes refuses to stay down. Bermudez hoists Hettes upward and slams him down. Hettes gets up, only to get slammed back down. And again. Wow. Those last two were powerful. Bermudez is just relentless. Another slam from him, and this time he settles inside Hettes' guard. Hettes not letting Bermudez get off any offense. He scrambles to his feet, but with 10 seconds left Bermudez nearly sinks in a guillotine. Bermudez rolls into mount still holding the choke. There's the horn.

Round 2:
Bermudez storms forward with straight punches and front kicks. Hettes gets bullied up against the fence. Bermudez is just too strong for Hettes it seems. Bermudez drops low and secures a double. He can't finish it and Hettes stands, then reverses. Bermudez goes for an ankle pick, gives up on it, eats a hard shot then ties up along the opposite fence. Hettes digs in double underhooks and reverses position, but quickly finds himself on the mat. Hettes stands but Bermudez starts unloading heavy shots. Hettes is wobbly. Bermudez downs him with a flurry then jumps into side control. Hettes survives and regains his guard. Bermudez postures up and rains down punches. Hettes slowly climbs to his feet, then Hatley resets them to give Hettes his mouthpiece back. Quick takedown from Bermudez. Hettes scrambles up and latches onto Bermudez's side. Trip from Hettes and now he has Bermudez's back. Bermudez survives out the round.

Round 3:
Bermudez instantly closes the distance and muscles Hettes up against the fence. Bermudez goes over the top with a right hook and misses. Hettes eats a knee. Man, Bermudez is swinging. Bermudez cracks Hettes with a right and he slips the canvas. Bermudez follows and begins unloading. Hettes tries to swirl out but he's eating heavy shots. Bermudez in complete control right now. Hatley wants action and stands ‘em up. Hettes fails on a takedown attempt and flops to the mat. He does it again. Boos start raining down from the crowd but Hettes is beaten and exhausted. Bermudez rockets a knee to Hettes' head and that's it. He falls back to the canvas and Hatley calls it off. Super impressive fight from Bermudez. He completely broke Hettes.

Dennis Bermudez def. Jimy Hettes via TKO (knee) at 2:57 of round three
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