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Sean Spencer vs. Alex Garcia

Round 1:
Don Turnage is the referee for this first bout on the night's FS2 prelims. Garcia comes out headhunting. Spencer ducks under a flurry but succumbs to a takedown attempt. Garcia trying to achieve top position but Spencer is keeping himself up against the fence. Spencer breaks away to the center of the Octagon. Spencer ducks under another wild hook then cracks Garcia with a right. Garcia kicks low. Spencer kicks to the body. Garcia cracks Spencer with a high kick. Garcia lowers his head and bulldozes Spencer to the mat, unloading a flurry of punches before Spencer hops to his feet. Spencer kicks low. Exchange ends the round, with neither man connecting flush.

Round 2:
Spencer pumps his jab. Garcia misses with a jumping front kick, and Spencer connects with a clean counter. Spencer starting to open up now, mixing together his punches and kicks. Body kick cracks Garcia. Garcia scoops up Spencer's left leg and bowls him over. Spencer jumps to his feet then lands a huge right! High kick from Spencer! Garcia is wobbly. Spencer pours it on but Garcia survives. Garcia drops Spencer with a counter! Suddenly this is a slugfest, folks. Garcia dumps Spencer on the mat but Spencer reverses and stands. That was a wild sequence. Spencer still swinging for the fences. Garcia cracks him with a big right! Spencer shakes it off. Garcia connects on an uppercut and double legs Spencer to the mat. Garcia advances to half guard. Spencer scoots back to the fence and scrambles out. The crowd roars behind their hometown fighter. Jumping knee from Spencer. Great round.

Round 3:
Spencer rushes out to meet Garcia. He wants to keep this going. Garcia lands first, and again with a left hook. Spencer counters with an overhand right, then kicks high. Spencer circles and eats a left. Garcia goes over the top with a clubbing right. Garcia dives inside and hunts for a double. He gets it. Spencer active from the bottom with punches, then scoots back the fence and stands. Spencer swings for the fences and nearly connects. Body kick from Spencer. Garcia with a resounding double leg. Garcia hunts for Spencer's back, then climbs into mount. Wild scramble and we're back to our feet! What a fight. Garcia wades inside but can't complete the takedown. Spencer is stalking Garcia. Big flurry from Spencer. Spinning back elbow misses from Spencer at the horn. The crowd loves it.

Alex Garcia def. Sean Spencer via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)
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