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Renee Forte vs. Frank Trevino

Round 1:
"Big" Dan Miragliotta is our referee for this final UFC Fight Pass prelim. Forte stalks forward, unloads a flurry then wrestles Trevino to the mat. Forte works to Trevino's back and sinks in one hook. There's the other hook. Bad spot early for Trevino. Trevino defending the choke but not doing much else. Trevino ties up Forte's right arm and scrambles to his feet. Forte is relentless with his takedown attempt. He gets it, then immediately passes to half guard. Trevino tries to scramble up but can't. Second time's the charm, we're back to our feet. Trevino tosses out a hard right. Trevino kicks high then goes to the body. And again. Forte swarms forward with a flurry but Trevino just shakes his head.

Round 2:
Touch of gloves kicks off round two. Trevino eats a right. Trevino measures his distance then kicks low. Forte catches a body kick and closes the distance along the fence. Trevino reverses and releases. Trevino stalks forward winging punches. Trevino goes low his kicks. Forte answers with a body kick of his own. Trevino keeping Forte at bay with his right hand. Trevino throws up his hands Nick Diaz style then misses with a high kick. Boos rain down from the crowd. Forte ducks under a shot and dumps Trevino on his back, landing inside Trevino's guard. Forte stands and Trevino scrambles to his feet. Trevino ties and his plants Forte on the mat. Forte works to his feet, but Trevino has a front headlock locked in and hits him with a few knees.

Round 3:
Big exchange early. Trevino hoists Forte off his feet and slams him down. Forte scrambles up, then eats a spinning back elbow off the break. The two collide in an exchange and Forte winds up with his back against fence. Trevino takes his back. Forte briefly grabbed the fence but Big Dan missed it. Another big exchange. Trevino paws out his jab, then catches Forte with a pair of right hands. Trevino goes low then high. Forte puts his head down and blasts a power double through Trevino. Trevino tries to use the fence to climb to his feet, but Forte takes his back. Trevino stands anything and shakes off his new Forte backpack. Trevino muscling Forte up against the cage. Trevino eats a big hook off the break and continues to push forward. Forte dives inside for a last second takedown but Trevino shakes it off and connects with a flurry.

Francisco Trevino def. Renee Forte via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
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