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Will Campuzano vs. Justin Scoggins

Round 1:
Referee Jacob Montalvo oversees the action. Scoggins wades inside and immediately takes Campuzano's back. Scoggins stays latched onto Campuzano, but cant do anything with the position and Campuzano eventually breaks free. Both men bouncing on their heels. Scoggins kicks low, then high. Scoggins connects on a push kick to the chest. Scoggins closes the distance then muscles Campuzano to the mat. Campuzano scrambles to his feet and lets out a yell of frustration. Spinning back kick connects for Scoggins. Scoggins goes low, then high again. Big ‘ooooh' from the crowd on that one. Scoggins changes levels and plants Campuzano on his butt. Campuzano gives up his back to stand. High kick misses for Campuzano.

Round 2:
Campuzano misses with a flurry then kicks low. Scoggins paws out his jab. Scoggins catches Campuzano with a stiff left. Both men picking and choosing their shots. Scoggins dives inside and Campuzano slithers in a tight guillotine! Campuzano may have this one. Scoggins staying patient, not panicking. Eventually he breaks free. That was close. Scoggins drops a hard elbow from side control. Campuzano reclaims his guard then sinks in butterfly hooks. Scoggins works around them then looks to take Campuzano's back. Campuzano defending but this is still a bad spot. Scoggins eventually gets Campuzano's back. Campuzano reverses out but Scoggins is relentless with his pressure. Scoggins can't get anything done and finally stands. Campuzano eats a few hard counters at the horn.

Round 3:
Scoggins rushes out to the center of the cage and connects on a few high kicks. Pace is picking up here. Scoggins ducks under a shot and double legs Campuzano to the mat, immediately passing to half guard. Scoggins' corner wants him to stay in half, and he does. Big punches from Scoggins. Campuzano rolls to give up his back. Scoggins unloading with punches. Campuzano rolls again and now Scoggins is working from side control. Scoggins is having his way with him right now. Another big right lands. Campuzano nearly climbs to his feet, but Scoggins dumps him back down. Campuzano eats a short elbow. Scoggins back in half guard, continues to unload a steady procession of short strikes. Scoggins is transitioning back and forth at will. Big flurry from Scoggins closes out the fight.

Justin Scoggins def. Will Campuzano via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
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