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Daniel Pineda vs. Robert Whiteford

Round 1:
Here we go, folks. Don Turnage is our referee for tonight's curtain jerker. Pineda and Whiteford trade low kicks early. Whiteford swings for the fences and misses. Whiteford closes the distance and hunts for the trip. He can't get it, but he muscles Pineda up against the fence. Whiteford finally turns the corner and gets Pineda to the mat, immediately advancing into side control. Pineda uses the fence to climb to his feet, but Whiteford is still latched onto him. Pineda breaks off then wades inside with an uppercut. Pineda fails on a trip attempt. Whiteford connects on a combination.

Round 2:
Whiteford secures an early takedown and beings working from full guard. Pineda climbs back to his feet, then scrambles to his feet once more after another quick double leg. Huge exchange and blood is leaking down from the right brow of Pineda. They're swinging for the fences. Pineda lands a hard kick to the body. Whiteford fires back. Whiteford changes levels for a single. Pineda defends along the fence but gives up his back in the process. Pineda drops low for a heel hook attempt. Whiteford grimaces in pain. Wow, Whiteford coaxes the crowd and they explode. He's out. That was interesting. Whiteford working from side control now. Pineda breaks free and stands, but eats a knee for his troubles.

Round 3:
Right away Whiteford wrestles Pineda to the mat and begins working from full guard. Whiteford looking to pass but Pineda is maintaining his guard. Turnage has seen enough and stands ‘em up. Pineda dives low for a single but can't get it. Whiteford ducks under a wild spinning backfist and dumps Pineda on his back. Pineda wriggles for and hunts for a heel hook. He can't get it, and Whiteford begins to work on top from half guard. Pineda throws his legs up for a triangle but Whiteford just stacks him then passes to side control. Pineda reclaims his guard. Turnage stands it up. Pineda finally gets a takedown. He has 40 seconds to do something here. Whiteford holds on while Pineda works short elbows to the thigh. There's the horn.

Robert Whiteford def. Daniel Pineda via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

I'm off to my usual start, 0 for 1.
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