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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
Okay, I was basing my comments on what I read in the initial article you posted (bolded below). The experts interviewed for the article say they are unaware of any controlled studies done that had shown head trauma in an athlete had shut down hormone production. And, "This kind of [hormonal] change has not been noted in autopsies of CTE patients."

To Dr. Gordon, it makes sense that if those areas of the brain that make hormones are damaged you would likely see negative effects in the body. However, I think we need MORE definitive medical evidence that shows the correlation between head trauma and low testosterone specifically in athletes who have taken steroids or other performance enhancing substances that also could cause low testosterone. Maybe the only way to tell will be by doing autopsies of the brains of these MMA fighters like they're doing with former NFL players.

For now, I'll take back my "bogus" and substitute "sketchy".
I absolutely agree. This is just too hazy & unknown right now.
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