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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
So, you assume that all Americans are racist bigots and just looking for any excuse to discriminate against somebody? That's pretty narrow-minded of you and insulting to anyone who is an American.
Right now it's the militant Gay Rights activists that are being the most intolerant and discriminatory in this situation. They are the ones that are saying that you are only allowed to have an opinion that they personally agree with and if you disagree with them, then you should be treated like a criminal. Those are not the values that America was founded on. They may be the values that Canada was founded on, though, I don't really know anything about your country.

Ideally in America, privately owned businesses should be able to enjoy all of the rights and freedoms of private citizens, since it is private citizens who start up and run those privately owned businesses. The government has no right to force those citizens to violate their own conscience just because their views might be unpopular. If a business owner is seen as discriminating against somebody and people in that area want to peacefully protest or boycott that business, that's completely within their rights as private citizens. But the government should never step in and threaten somebody just because they don't want to serve a specific customer. Basically, it's none of the government's business.

This notion that you need to be a religious organization to operate based on religious principles is absolute stupidity and is not one of the principles that America was founded upon.
the games you play on here are hilarious .. really .. when did i say that all amercans are bigots??? and if you don't think if business owners had the right to refuse businness to anyone for any reason there wouldn't be a rise in "discrimination" claims? if you don't think there would be, than you have either lived a sheltered life (but, you were in the military and have been to many countries, i know, i know) or are just blind .. most places would have a rise in discrimination if their bigotry was free to run wild ...

and you keep talking about the principles the country was founded on and the founding fathers .. i honestly think you deify them more than the bible itself.. like what they said is infallible ... times change and countries adapt to these changes ... i can understand your stance on the bible being absolute truth, but the US constitution is not a document without fault .. it was put together by people who were not perfect

so now you can reply and say how my post is so stupid, and i don't know what im talking about ..
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