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Originally Posted by kevint13 View Post
While I think there was a need to do something with TRT usage/abuse, I am not sure this was the correct move. I do think there was abuse in this sport, but I also don't think the proper research was done on what is causing low testosterone levels in these athletes. I don't agree with the head trauma argument at all. I remember reading different studies and there are findings out there that wrestlers seem to have a diagnoses of low testosterone and alot of that comes from the weight cutting aspect of the sport. I am not sure if other grappling sports are as serious as weight cutting as wrestling is, but if so that would explain some of the people that have low T.

I guess I look at someone like Hendo and I do not believe that he has ever taken steroids and probably has a legitimate issue (again weight cutting from wrestling). After this next fight he will be unable to use TRT and likely for the rest of his career. Hendo compared this ban to banning insulin for diabetics, and while I don't see it as life threatening it is still an aspect that effects his fighting and also his daily life.

Vitor was the easy target for all of this, a cheater from the past gets to basically cheat again. The easy out was to ban the usage for everyone. I hope for the sake of the sport it doesn't end here and someone does some more research into this and can maybe find conclusive evidence of why low T occurs so maybe those who really do need it can use without abusing.
You bring up a good point about Hendo, his body does not look like a body on steroids, he definitely doesn't look like Vitor. I agree, the head trauma argument seems bogus.
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