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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
Very informative article, Ben, thanks for posting. Interesting that UFC doctor(s), or doctors with ties to the UFC, seem to have involvement in making diagnoses of low testosterone and getting fighters on TRT. That might explain why UFC officials refused requests for interviews for this article. Very interesting....

Not surprising was the part where they mention only a few months ago Dana was saying the exact opposite of what he is saying now about banning TRT.

Also most interesting was the part where they talk about the head injury "excuse" (my word)...the fact that no studies or findings backs that up. Sounds like it's all made up to get these guys on TRT.
This was the single biggest issue threatening our sport. Judging/reffing might be annoying, but TRT struck at the very credibility of our sport.

Seriously, I am so happy that this is finally on its way out.
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