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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
don't understand what they mean by not toeing the company line .. are zuffa supposed to be trying to woo gsp back??? well, dana using crazy and kookoo to describe gsp certainly isn't setting the example ..

and i'd have to disagree with matt .. i'd give gsp the upper hand in the rematch .. gsp is 5-0 in rematches and always looks better the second time around .. plus, robbie gonna win dat belt

but i would have to agree that i am leaning more towards gsp not coming back .. although i'd be stoked if he did come back ..
I'm not sure what they meant by that either, RNC. Dana has been calling GSP "crazy and cuckoo"? That's not very nice. Maybe he knows for sure GSP isn't coming back and he's being a sourpuss. Or, he's just being Dana lashing out for the comments GSP made about the UFC not wanting to help him clean up the sport.

I agree with Matt about the fight and I would also be shocked if GSP decided to come back. The way he was after the fight, he looked mentally done, like a man who doesn't want to do this anymore. In fact, he came across as almost desperate when he was talking. I'm not sure if he had already decided before the fight that he was quitting, no matter how the match went, or if he decided by the end of the fight. I really wanted to see a rematch, but I respect his decision to know what's best for him and his well being.
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