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You might also know, the network that filmed this, and puts out a lot of Roman programs, was invented by a modern day contemplative. Once her network became popular in the United States, it caught the attention of the See of Rome itself, and the Curia began an investigation with an interest of taking control, and removing power from the monastry.

Its inventor did a very strange thing, but one I figure a lot of you would applaud. She instigated a Lay Governing body (A non ordained team of Romans) She basically made them promise to keep the network going and then severed all connections between the network and the Monastry.

Effectively, throwing the Network into the laity completely, and beyond the abilities of the Vatican and Roman Curia to control.

How Ironic, that a contemplative should have the foresight to know that a tool such as this, essentially had to be kept away from the very subject of its programming...She would rather give up the project completely and never be involved with it again, rather then let the Pope take charge of it.

It is the way with all Churches I think, that ultimately, politics and powerplay are in abundance even more then the secular world, and of course without the prospect of money...its all about power and control. I know this from my own experiences of working with one. Even multinational capitalistic companies have nothing on the foul play and politics of the Established Denominations...especially not increadibly important Cathedrals.

I know a Bishop who could out-do any Company CEO

Outside of Government/Civil Service and possibly the Armed Forces, there is no place you should be more cautious about then getting involved with a Church...especially if that involves working for one.
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