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Whilst the British are especially known for Pomp...I stumbled across something interesting from America...Aparently the Roman Catholic Church classes the US Military as an "ArchDiocese" Which is, very strange. In an Episcopal style church each area is governed by a parish, a single church, each group of churches which are in an area are called a diocese, and lots of diocese grouped together are ArchDiocese.

Now, The Military obviously isnt the same, but I quite imagine, that each branch of the Military is probably defined as a Diocese, and each RC Chaplian probably counts as a parish. Therefore, a tad like the Anglican ideal of The Third Province...this Archdiocese is not a geographical district. Anywhoo, the seat of their archbishop can be found at The Basilca, of The National Shrine of The Immaculate Conception, in Washington DC in the Diocese of Military Services

If they have anything like this anywhere else, I have NEVER heard of it

They have rather a procession though
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