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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
So, anyone else think Rick was actually dead? They had me going for a few minutes there, but only long enough to realize that I really don't want his character to die at all. I think there are certain characters who are the dramatic core for this series and they can't kill those characters off without irreparably damaging the show. I think Rick, Daryl and Michonne would be three of those characters.

Also, I'm not convinced that Judith is really dead.
If it weren't Rick then yes, I would have bought it but like you I figured Rick is to central of a character to lose in an Ep1. If this were a season finale I would have been more inclined to buy it.

I agree. I think Judith is alive and on the bus probably.

The episode was slow but I thought they did a great job of developing Carl's character. He was angry, proclaiming his manhood and independence then childlike eating pudding and then crying over his dad. They took him a lot of places in one episode. It was cool to see Michonnes character flashing back as well. They gradual deterioration of the background in the shot with her boyfriend was genius.
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