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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
So the idea of praying through another person has no basis in Scripture whatsoever.
Well then...lets here you put your money where your mouth is...and ban prayer requests on this forum

When two or three are gathered in my name..... What you just dont seem to get is that Romans make no distinction between Christians Past and Present. A dead Christian is still in communion with God, just as a live Christian is. A dead Christian is still part of the Bride of Christ, just as a live Christian is. When we mention "Community of saints" we mean ALL THE FAITHFUL...both dead and alive.

You talk to me now, you ask me to pray for you.....that is no different to a Roman, then asking Mary to do the same dont seem to mind living people praying for you...why do you hate dead people praying for you....They do not cease to exist because they have shrugged off their mortal coil.

Why Mary specifically? well probably because she is the closest to Christ in terms of the Biblical narrative. But the Romans dont just ask her for prayers...the sacred literny lists all the major saints of the Roman Church...the name is read alloud, followed by the word "oreamus" which means, "pray" bascially...again, another beautiful choral work...this particular piece was what the college of cardinals processed into conclave, they picked Francis,

I oughta add...the order of the procession includes Choir, followed by members of the Roman Curia, Former Cardinals who have retired, and Cardinals over the age of the conclave Vote, I think one of the final two is Bertone..Vatican Secretary of State. Then the active vote cardinals, and then the warden of the college...the pope...who shouldnt really be there, but retired rather then died, is last to should be noted that during the conclave that picked him, he was actually the Warden, and last in then also. Behind Benedict, but not officially part of the Procession is the Carmelengo...He is the person who organises and rules the vatican during an interegnum...Liturgically, they dont use that word...they call it "Sede Vacante" meaning The Vacant Chair...its a reference to The Bishop of Romes Cathedra...want to know some useless information? His Cathedral...his primary Throne, doesnt reside within Saint Peters Basilica. Of course not, because St Peters isnt in Rome, but in The Vatican, and so His Seat is as Bishop of Rome, in a Cathedral outside the vatican. Officially, the Pope therefore does not rule from Saint Peters Basilica....its a little known fact, even amoung Catholics

The Pope Rules from the ArchBasilica (as in, more important then St Peters) of Christ The Saviour And Saint John of Lateran. Similarly, his official residence is not the Apostolic Palace...but the Lateran Palace....As well as Saint Peters and Saint John Lateran...the Bishop of Rome can take jurisdiction over two other Basillicas in Rome who technically speaking are run by Priest and therefore dont really have a Bishop, they include Saint Mary Major, and Saint Pauls, which is technically speaking not in Rome, but "outside the walls" of the city.

...and tommorow March 12th is the same date this happened lol

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