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Originally Posted by MattHughesRocks View Post
That's what I'm thinking. I can't even get my head wrapped around WHY anyone would pray to Mary...say 10 Hail Mary's...seriously..what's a "Hail Mary" anyway?
They do NOT pray to Mary.

They ask HER to pray for them.

It is a standard and agreed form of petition.

...and its beautiful in choral format. Its not even called "Hail Mary" its called The Angelus. Just listen to the beautiful diction of the singer...never heard latin sound like that before...and READ THE TRANSLATION...oh and recognise also that the word "Hail" is not just a show of status, but a form of the time this literny was composed, it was akin to a formal "hello" in latin....most of the literny is nothing more then the Magnificat...a statement directly out of the bible!
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