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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
Praying to the Virgin Mary and/or the Saints is nothing short of idolatry and it disqualifies Roman Catholicism from being considered a Christian Denomination. Anyone who believes that praying to false gods is somehow compatible with Christianity is likely not a true Christian.
Only according to you

The logic of it, is that they do not pray, but ask for others to pray for them. The only difference between them and that they ask those Christians who are also dead...because, truely, in Christ, their is no past, present or future. Personally I wouldnt bother with it...but its theologically sound from a Christian point of view.

...if you truely meant it, you would reject the canon of the new testament, compiled, completely by Rome...and go back to the Heretical mass of "scriptures" floating around the early church...which you dont...because you are illogical, irrational, hypercritical...and wrong.
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