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[Where do Catholics get the information that these are things they "have" to do and why didn't the Christian people get the memo? I've always wondered that.

QUOTE=adamt;204211]catholics believe the Pope is God on earth, or at least His voice, so they obey him as God, they think he is the heir to the apostle peter Christians believe we have the Holy Spirit now to lead us and don't need a man

catholics believe we have to have priests to talk to God, i.e. confession, whereas Christians believe Jesus Christ is literally our priest and High Priest that intercedes on our behalf and we talk with Him

Catholics exalt Mary above Jesus, since she was the mother of Jesus, this is why they "pray" to her

catholics believe in works to be saved, they believe the bread and wine of communion turn to jesus' literal body and blood when they partake of it and that they can do and get away with more as long as they go to a priest and confess it and make penance for it (penance is stuff like saying hail marys)[/QUOTE]
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