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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
1) Exactly what did I say that contradicts Calvinism? GOD grants life. It's a fact and that statement is fully in keeping with the 5 points of Calvinism.

2) Aaaand your knowledge of the military seems to be just as deficient as your knowledge of Calvinism.

People don't join the military because they hate freedom and like to be dominated. That's idiotic. American citizens join the military because they love freedom and understand that it's worth temporarily putting their own personal freedoms on hold in order to defend freedom for all other Americans.

I'll get around to responding to the rest of your comments later.
1) The core principle of Calvinism is that things a pre-destined, and the reason they are pre-destined is because we can not initiate, because we are so sinful. If you love GOD, for example, Calvinists dont believe its because you choose to love GOD, but because GOD has chosen you to Love him, and initiated.

Someone in that position has NO rights. Not the right to free will, not the right to choose. They...more then any other denomination would denounce the ideals of any Rights period.

2) I think you miss understood me Nathan...I was actually talking about two different things...the Military as Heirachical....and dominance and submission...NOT Dominance and submission within the Military Heirachy.

One was to demonstrate to you YOUR position UNDER God...and One was to Demonstrate that your original premise about everyone wanting to be free is not a universal.

If you bothered to read my would see...they arent even in the same numbered return. I cant wait to hear the rest of your responses..along I hope with your scriptural points to back up your argument...but in your own time Nathan
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