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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
how do we know these are God-given rights?? they are rights given by man to citizens of the USA

So if anyone has the right to happiness...I guess its fine for anyone to do anything they want, at the expense of anyone else...and claim its GOD-Given.

A Company CEO is made happy by maximum profit...and so pays his workers as little as possible...I suppose thats fine?

A Sadist enjoys harming his Wife for fun...I suppose thats fine?

A King expects Loyalty from his Subjects....Well...That was fine until the 1770s

The Truth is...if its not in the Bible, it may not be "GOD Given" and the Bible tells us that we have naught but through Grace...and that GOD is a follow Him...or you suffer eternal death.

The US Constitution, and the DOI are not Scripture, therefore they are fallable...and to say anyone should be able to go after whatever makes them happy, and put no limits on that, leaves the possibility open for Philosophers like Fredrich Nietzsche and those who enjoy some of his more dangerous philosophies like Adolf Hitler for example.
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