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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
how do we know these are God-given rights?? they are rights given by man to citizens of the USA
Absolutely not. The Founding Fathers believed that these basic human rights were GOD-given and they believed that assertion was supported by the Bible (maybe not in specific verses, but in overall themes present in the Scriptures). It's the entire basis behind the formation of the United States.

How can a person's right to life be something that a government grants to them? That's idiocy. The government can't grant life to anyone.

Did the Canadian government have anything to do with you being born? Is there some kind of official document that a Canadian governing official signed off on allowing you to exist?

If you truly believe that your life is a gift given to you by the country of Canada, then you would also have to accept the fact that your government could take that life from you at any time. What if they came today and said, "Hey, it's no longer convenient for us to allow you to live, so we need to put you to death for the greater good of Canada"? Would you gladly go along with that? If you truly believe that your right to life comes from the government, then you would have to.
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