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Default BLOG: Chideo

From Matt's blog:

I am excited to let you know that I just joined the new charity platform Chideo (charity+video). It is a new way to raise awareness and donations for Rancho 3M (Mexico Multiple Mission, Inc.), a cause that I am very passionate about. Check it out here: Charity + Video = Chideo

Chideo lets you get up close and personal with me by asking questions about my life, my current projects...anything! Vote and be sure to share your favorite suggestions with your friends. The more votes, the better chance I’ll make it into an exclusive video on Chideo! Follow my page and I’ll let you know when I release new videos on Chideo. Donate to watch and help me raise money for a great cause.

I am in incredible company with many of your favorite actors, athletes, musicians, and tastemakers and am grateful to be able to help support 3M’s Christian Orphanage and School in Mexico.

Join us on Chideo and together we’ll watch things change.

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